Sunday, July 12, 2009

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Aiden is such a polite kid. We had a great time having him there. He drew us a treasure map to go on an adventure. We had a fun time on our nature walks. thats all we really could do. 
My Sexy Man choppin some wood. 
Me and my Hubby
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Day 2 Nice and sunny

The Men were fishing the whole time for their Steel head. The were both determined to get a steel head.  

Aiden and Viki (Corys wife)  hangin gout getting warm by the fire. 
Cory the cook making the breakfast. 
Bear is such an amazing dog! Lemme tell you a really quick story. we went on a short hike just off the main road to take pictures of some white tale deers. While we were enjoying ourselves I dropped the keys with out realizing it. about an hour later back at camp I realized I didn't have the keys anymore and knew they were over there where we were taking pictures. Well on the way over there I said a little prayer and when we got to where i remember taking the pics and everything Bear came trotting down the hill with the keys in his mouth. I dropped my jaws and just praised that dog! It was just a miracle he had sniffed out the keys.  Just our little miracle dog. He got a big reward for that one. 
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Day 2

In the pic above you will see in the river our little black dog. He loved just hanging out in the middle of the river. It got to the point I started worrying about him and made him come back to the bank. I thought he was going down river..But everyone there loved watching bear love the water. 
Cousin Cory with his Boy Aiden. 
Aiden was so excited to fish with his Dad. It was a lot of fun. I loved the atmosphere here and the beautiful rock ledge along the water. It was a great time. 
Bear looks like he is smiling. (Matt is in the back ground crossing the river, Aiden and I needed worms. ;) )
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All the trees were covered in different types off moss and different plants. this is a pic of a tree log. 

Bear loved the water. We had problems with him swimming after everyones bobbers. I thought it was cute. 

The trash fish that were caught were trapped in a small body of water in the rocks and Bear loved trying to find them under the water. 
These two guys really held trough the rain and the weather to both get their Steel heads. Cory Caught a native the day before and then Matt caught his the last fishing day. They came here last year for 3 days and both didnt catch one. There hard fishies to catch. 
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The rainy day

Cousin Cory & Matt

Of course I had to get a shot with my guys!
The hill sides were all covered in moss.  


Matt fishing in the rain. He wants his steel head. 
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More pics




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Last Day

The river has risen and also gotten nice and chocolaty brown since it had rained all the day before. 
Bear and I hanging out by the fire before we head back to Utah. 
The night before the snow had come hanging out by the fire again. 
Matt cleaning his steel head after the ranger came and cut off the head of the fish. It had been tagged before released so the ranger cut his head off..
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Cast iron chef Outdoors @ Sportsmans show..

Another contestant desert. Yummy. I think Matt and I need to learn how to dutch oven while we camp out more. Or We will just have Cousin Shawn join us.
Cousin Shawn Made the dutch oven desert above..looks so yummy. Hope he won the cook off!
Matt and I, Carly & Shawn. Thanks for Inviting us, We had a great time!
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We Got Robbed

So I woke up this morning and opened my blinds in our bedroom and I noticed the gate was open and I yelled to Matt cuz that is just so weird. He was closing the gate door and noticed the lawn mower tracks through the gate.
See there is a pic for you..
SO we went and bought a pad lock for our gate...That just sucks someone violated our privacy...And luckily they left the Nicer Mower. But the took the nice weed eater and 3 shovels that We left out from unloading out of my moms car when we got home. Luckily I brought the geodes in or we would have nothing to break open. Anyway. that's a bummer.
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